Artisan Magnetics has the luxury of possessing over 15 years of experience in design for both commercial and High Reliability Military Magnetic components.
"Superior by Design"


Black Box design. You supply only the system perameters and AMI supplies the best solution

Build to Print. You supply the details and AMI can duplicate your processes and procedures.

Reverse Engineering. You simply supply us with a part and AMI can produce exact electrical and mechanical replicas.

The Experience to meet or exceed your requirements

  • Cost Reductions
  • Increased Throughput
  • Significant reductions in product size
  • Improved reliability of parts through extreem environmental stress
  • A myriad of experience, both commercial and military, no job is too big or too small

Consulting Services

Let AMI work with your engineers at your facility to produce the best possible results. Just call to find out our competitive hourly rates.


AMI can design commercial products to meet

  • UL, CSA, IEC and CE requirements

Our military products meet or exceed

  • MIL-PRF-27 specifications for standard or space applications
  • Internal workmanship standards based on MIL-HDBK-454
  • Internal soldering standards based on NHB 5300
AMI has a variety of engineering capabilities and products. The above represents only a few highlighted samples.
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