Artisan Magnetics is a custom Manufacturer of Linear, Energy Storage, Impedance Matching, Pulse, Switching, Current Limiting and Current Sensing Magnetic Components.
"Superior by Design"

Linear Power

Isolation Transformers Auto Transformers

High Voltage Power

Ferroresonant regulated and linear applications

over 10KVAC


AMI can design and manufacture any magnetic component using toroidal construction should magnetic field interference be a concern in your system. Typical applications are AC Inductors, DC Chokes and Current Transformers.

High Frequency Power Transformers and Inductors

Power designs exceeding 1.0MHz operating frequencies with greater than 97% efficiency. Flyback Transformers, Pulse Transformers, Inverter Transformers, Filament and Ballast Transformers, Resonant and Tuned Profile inductors.


Thru-hole or Surface Mount, Toroidal, Solenoidal, and Planar Topologies.

Dry, Varnish Impregnated, Dip Encapsulated, Fully Encapsulated and Hermetically Sealed products available.

AMI has a variety of manufacturing capabilities and products. The above represents only a few highlighted samples.
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